Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hey, you! Remember me?

As you all know, I feel very fortunate to have married Mr. Spaeth and not the other fellows who came in and out of my life. And it's quite okay for me to be snarky about the Boys of Yesteryear, but now the majorest of the Boys of Yesteryear has posted something on HIS blog about the Girls of Yesteryear--and HE DID NOT MENTION ME! Not at all! HEY! YOU! We were engaged! As in going to be married!

We were totally smitten with each other for about a year. But then we were separated by college, where I met Mr. Spaeth, and, as luck would have it, at his college the Boy of Yesteryear met his Ms Future Wife, and that was that.

Things turned out the way they should have in the marriage department. I am perfectly okay with not spending my life with the BoY (cute acronym, isn't it?) and he is, I understand through my nefarious snooping skills, blissfully happy with his wife. That's good.

Still...ahem...WHY AREN'T I IN THE BLOG POST??? HUH???

I am stunned that I was omitted, but I've figured this out. He was so blasted by my breaking up with him that he suffered a dreadful bout of amnesia! (We writers like amnesia plot devices. Also secret babies, but trust me, if there were any babies in this, they were a secret from me, too.)

It works.

And, as we say in fiction circles, that's my story.