Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The dump truck week

This week (and yes, I know it's only Tuesday, which doesn't bode at all well for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday) has been a complete mess. Nothing is going right, and everything seems to be going wrong!

Now, usually I'm Little Janet Sunshine. I really love life and laughter comes naturally to me. But not this week.

A lot of it I'm to blame for. I'm not perfect. But it seems like a whole lot of stuff the world had been saving up finally landed on me this week, like some cosmic dump truck has backed up to my door, raised its box, and deposited its payload. My credit card payment got lost. One of my kids has been sick. I can't find the sack of socks I bought--12 pairs of them!

It goes on and on, some things petty, some things life-changing.

And to top it all off, they moved BOSTON LEGAL to Wednesday night. Why? What was wrong with Tuesday? It didn't have a W in it?

A friend and I have standing Wednesday night plans. Church and then dinner and talktalktalk. But now it'll have to be church and dinner and talkwithourmouthsfull because we're both BL fans and have to be home by 9:00.


Maybe by 10:00 tomorrow night I'll be more cheerful, having spent an hour watching James Spader. It always does improve my spirits....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Memorable moments

I had a wonderful trip to visit my friends in The Big City and to shop at The Big Stores, and I'm home now, totally broke, but totally happy.

There were some memorable moments in this trip.

There was the woman at Nordstrom's who "somehow" knew about the loss in our lives. I have never come so close to sobbing in my favorite store. But it was a moment of kindness, and I appreciated her openness.

There was the cab driver who took us from the mall. As soft jazz played on the cab's radio, he told us of the war in Somalia and the family he had to leave there. It was a moment of gentleness and sadness, and I appreciated my fortune of living where I do.

There was my friend and her family. Wow, do I love that whole family. A moment? Many moments. And I appreciate their friendship more than they can ever know. I can't imagine trying to function without her and her family.

And every time I go to The Big City and The Big Stores, and I hang out with this family I love so much, I think, You know, I am so happy here. I should move here. But then I get home, to my own house and my own cat and my own stuff, and I realize, There is no way I can ever move, not in this lifetime, and definitely not without a backhoe.

It's good to be home, but I had a great time! THANKS!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring Cleaning & Snow Food

You know, spring cleaning is a whole lot easier when it's actually, gee, SPRING outside. We missed the storm I bought all the food for last week--and, as testimony to how much self-control I have, most of the snackies are still in the kitchen.

Snow food is snow food, that's why.

But this morning I woke up to way-familiar winds, and way-familiar white stuff blowing around, and although the weather is straightening out, it's truly affected my spring cleaning. My motivation is low, and the chocolate-covered peanuts are gone.


How can I spring clean and eat snow food at the same time? That's just wrong.

So I've cranked up Sirius radio on the computer and I'm listening to Classic Vinyl and that always gets me up and moving.

Spring cleaning. And snow food.

April in the North Country!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


I can't believe what I just saw when I opened my email.


So I checked, and yes, we have a severe weather alert.

Is it for Great Spring Weather Ahead? No.

Is it for Gentle April Showers to Melt the Last Icky Bits of Dirty Snow? No.

Is it for Flowers and Green Things Bursting Out? No.

It's for...it's for...it's for

So today, I'll be doing what I did not want to do, not all in one afternoon. Gotta go to the grocery store, because we're running low on milk, cat food, and snackies. Run to Target, since the end of the school year means that the school supplies have been depleted (it's kind of like that hot dog/bun thing--school supplies last almost a year, but not quite) so I have to find pencils. Zip over to the drug store to pick up prescriptions.

But the nice thing about a storm, if it does arrive, is that I'll be forced to stay inside and watch mystery movies on the Hallmark channel.

And that's why I've got to get those snackies!