Sunday, January 24, 2010

In 2010 I would like to....

Now that I've bought mustard (see previous two blog entries), I can move on with 2010.

Here's my wishlist for 2010:

*Remodel my house. Each and every room.

*I'm interested in this website: A money fast. I like the idea! I think I'll declare one day a week to do this thing.

*Be efficient in getting the next two books in for my editor.

*Finish editing the mystery that another charming editor would like to see.

*Write two short stories that are in my mind but not on paper.

*Finish writing one of the YA novels that won't leave my brain alone.

*Refresh my feeble memory of French. And read those books (in French) that I bought when I was in Paris.

*Have a humongo garage sale and make a gazillion dollars.

*Lose some weight. (What would a list like this be like without that?)

*Christmas cards. I've tried for years and haven't managed. This year I WILL!

*Be kinder to everyone, including myself.

*Snuggle my cat a lot more and give her turkey every single day. (My cat suggested that.)

I think I can manage that, don't you?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Onward with 2010!

I am *absolutely* delighted to tell you that I remembered to buy mustard! Of course, I forgot the cat litter, but you can't have everything. Tell that to my cat, who's only marginally okay with that omission on my part. I gave her a can of tuna and she's forgiven me. Sort of. You know how cats are.

Anyway, sure enough, that was all it took, this thing of mustard. $1.07 out of my pocket and we're well on our way into 2010.

I'm tackling the chaos that is my house. Not being able to bend my knee without hissing pain means that everything I'd have to kneel to get is pretty much still there. But necessity is the mother of invention, and I've figured out a way to get down to the floor level and crawl around. I think I look like a short, chubby giraffe when I go through the process to kneel though, so I never do it when anyone is around. The last thing I need is me on YouTube being giraffe-like. And, in keeping with the animal motif, I should also note that I look somewhat like a crab with a leg cramp when I edge my way across the floor. It's lovely. Just stunning.

And I have two more books to write this year! My lovely editor emailed me and I emailed her and she emailed me and I emailed her, and that's how it all works!

I feel like this calls for a veggie burger--WITH MUSTARD!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year, or how mustard destroyed 2010

I usually do a nice plan for the new year but I haven't managed it yet. It's already the second week of the year and my plan hasn't progressed much past: Buy mustard.

Yes, that's it. Buy mustard.

I can't quite seem to remember to buy it, no matter how many times I go to the grocery store. It's hanging out there, the last little undone thing from 2009 that, no matter how I try, I can't quite deal with.

But isn't that the way it always goes? You can come up with the greatest set of goals--be kinder, clean those closets, find that store of patience (which might be at the back of the closets--who knows what's hidden there?), learn a new language, travel, spend less and save more--but the fact is that until you've bought the mustard that's been on the shopping list for months, you'll be stalled.

I do have a vague cloud of thoughts that at some point I will put into a year's plan, but let's face it, until I get that mustard, I'll be stopped.

If it weren't 800 degrees below zero at the moment, I'd go get it now. But I'm cocooned in my mustardless house, and the mustard--and the year's plan--can wait. I'm cozy and warm and sleepy, and tomorrow is soon enough.