Sunday, January 24, 2010

In 2010 I would like to....

Now that I've bought mustard (see previous two blog entries), I can move on with 2010.

Here's my wishlist for 2010:

*Remodel my house. Each and every room.

*I'm interested in this website: A money fast. I like the idea! I think I'll declare one day a week to do this thing.

*Be efficient in getting the next two books in for my editor.

*Finish editing the mystery that another charming editor would like to see.

*Write two short stories that are in my mind but not on paper.

*Finish writing one of the YA novels that won't leave my brain alone.

*Refresh my feeble memory of French. And read those books (in French) that I bought when I was in Paris.

*Have a humongo garage sale and make a gazillion dollars.

*Lose some weight. (What would a list like this be like without that?)

*Christmas cards. I've tried for years and haven't managed. This year I WILL!

*Be kinder to everyone, including myself.

*Snuggle my cat a lot more and give her turkey every single day. (My cat suggested that.)

I think I can manage that, don't you?


Kacie said...

Maybe a little ambitious, but hey...what's life without a challenge or two? :)

I really like the way you let your cat weigh in with her preferences, too. You're a very thoughtful pet parent...(Kai and Bean would probably have me spend two hours a day hiking in the cold, another two hours a day playing ball, and the rest of the day either cuddling or stuffing kongs with yummy stuff!). :)

Happy 2010, Janet!

Janet Spaeth said...

My cat is a very smart girl--and persuasive, especially when she's sprawled out on my legs (remember, she's a huge Maine coon!) and keeping me warm when it's so cold outside.

I like your idea--life needs challenges. I'm also kind of hoping that this will force me into being organized and effective.

Yeah, a girl can dream!!!

(I see you in 6 or 7 months! Writing! Chocolate! Talking! Chocolate! Chocolate!)

Janet Spaeth said...
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紅包 said...
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