Saturday, April 5, 2008


I can't believe what I just saw when I opened my email.


So I checked, and yes, we have a severe weather alert.

Is it for Great Spring Weather Ahead? No.

Is it for Gentle April Showers to Melt the Last Icky Bits of Dirty Snow? No.

Is it for Flowers and Green Things Bursting Out? No.

It's's's for

So today, I'll be doing what I did not want to do, not all in one afternoon. Gotta go to the grocery store, because we're running low on milk, cat food, and snackies. Run to Target, since the end of the school year means that the school supplies have been depleted (it's kind of like that hot dog/bun thing--school supplies last almost a year, but not quite) so I have to find pencils. Zip over to the drug store to pick up prescriptions.

But the nice thing about a storm, if it does arrive, is that I'll be forced to stay inside and watch mystery movies on the Hallmark channel.

And that's why I've got to get those snackies!


Kacie said...

I can relate! I was excited Friday--it looked like Spring was finally here: all of the snow in my backyard was nearly gone, the temp was 44 degrees, the sun was shining. It made me want to wash the Jeep, do some laundry, open the windows.

And then...

Saturday morning arrived, and with it: snow. And not just a little bit of snow--it's been snowing nonstop since then, and we're up to about 8 inches of fresh new white stuff. Three steps forward, 8 inches (and counting) back... :)

Lisa said...

Well the snow hasn't hit yet, and they've been predicting it since Thursday, but it feels like a grey army is marching forward and is about to makes its last stand...there are times when I really hate this place.

Last week was beautiful. The kids could play outside...we didn't need long johns...we could walk around outside with our jackets open (if we had one at all). Now the wind has come and the snow will come...

Hey, does anybody else think Hawaii is sounding better and better??? Shoot at this point I'd move back with my folks in AZ;0

Kacie said...

Ever since the snow started Saturday morning, winter has returned; the temps have dropped, the roads are icy, and we're expecting more snow tonight and tomorrow.

What the heck happened to spring???

The only slim ray of hope I have is that the perennials along the side of the house have sprouted--and along with them, the weeds. It's a little odd, though, to see those cute little buds poking their heads up through the...snow? [sigh]

Lisa said...

Hey as long as we're complaining about the weather, let me just say, they are predicting snow tomorrow and Friday, but they are also predicting 61 by Monday. No wonder everyone is a) sick and b)bipolar. Everyone have a wonderful day. Love you guys. Janet, let me know how you're doing. Maybe we can meet sometime next week for lunch or coffee???

Janet Spaeth said...

Ah, Lisa, I think you've discovered a great secret--buried in our language.

Contained in the word BIPOLAR is the word...yes...POLAR!!!

Coincidence? Ha.

Lisa said...

perhaps it was Freudian on my part...

Kacie said...

The forecast yesterday called for "snow showers." We got wind and four new inches of blowing snow. The roads were so horrible that it took L. an hour and twenty minutes to drive ten miles to work.

This morning? It's 16. The forecast for the weekend? More uh, "snow showers."

While I would kill for a day where the high hit 60 degrees, at least Alaska weather appears to be consistent: it's consistently winter.