Wednesday, January 9, 2008

That was the first one, this is the second!

Thanks so much for the warm welcome! Janet, Cecilia, Pamela, and Susan, thanks for the comments!

I did neglect to say something in my first post. In addition to writing, knitting, cleaning, and redecorating, I'll also be reading more. And here's why:

I do love a cozy mystery! Guess I'll need to find a few more of those corners in my life, since I signed up for the club, so they'll come in regularly.

Today was beautiful here--thick white frost coated everything this morning, and I do have to say that the weeping willows, with their black trunks so stark against the bright white frost, were particularly outstanding. I truly had to stop and admire our Creator's handiwork!

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Pammer said...

Oh! I love weeping willows. They're my favorite tree. I can't imagine them with snow and frost. I bet it was beautiful. Wish you could send me a picture.

I'm excited about those cozy mysteries too. Do you have one in the works?