Saturday, August 16, 2008

Summer Saturdays

What an incredibly busy summer this has been. I wish I had something to show for it other than massive credit card debt. I've been travelling--to San Francisco and the Twin Cities. Now I'm home for a while, and although it's late in the season, I've discovered perfection. It resides in two words:


Isn't that just yummy? It's got a nice, peaceful energy. On a summer Saturday, you can be outside, riding your bike or taking a walk or swimming or just lolling in the sun with a good mystery or romance novel. Or you can be inside, taking a nap or reading a book....even house-cleaning has an extra shine on a summer Saturday.

I'm off to have some iced tea and read that new mystery novel I just bought. Inside? Outside? Who cares? This is a summer Saturday!


Kacie said...

Summer? It's summer there? It never even came to Alaska this year...(In fact, we've had the coldest summer on record). I never even put away my winter clothes...or broke out my sandals.

Now, the red is at the top of the fireweed and the leaves are beginning to fall, and winter will arrive again any day. [sigh]

But then...with winter comes dark, snowy evenings, snuggled up with my sweetie in front of a roaring fire, with a warm blanket wrapped around me and the latest J.D. Robb mystery clutched in my eager little hands.

How is that for positive thinking??? :)

Janet Spaeth said...

Hey, are you trying to put a positive spin on winter? Snuggling by a fire, a mystery book in your hands...gee, you almost make it sound FUN!

Kacie said...

I keep telling myself: it's all perspective! ;)

Debby Mayne said...

We have a lot of summer Saturdays here in Florida. If you miss them after the weather cools off up there, come on down for a refresher. And since you don't mind doing housework in the summer, I'll make sure I have an extra dust rag waiting for you. *g*

Rhonda said...

Summer is great! but I enjoy the fall... what can I say? Crisp Fall days. I love them!! Glad I found your blog Janet! I'll be by often :)

Janet Spaeth said...

Debby, you've made a dangerous offer. Florida in the midwinter...YUM! If three very pale people show up at your door in February, claiming to be us, it probably is!

Rhonda, fall is my absolute favorite season, too! I collect pumpkins and fall things, and already I've gotten some new autumn candles, and a little decor thing for the wall.

Kacie, dear Kacie, did it EVER warm up there?

No matter what the weather, it's THE WEEKEND! I've just had my end-of-the-workweek nap in my blue chair, noisily snoring away, and I'm ready to read now. Ah. Life is good.

Tomorrow I clean, but right now, it's time to veg....