Friday, September 12, 2008

"Where shall I go? What shall I do?"

(OK--I edited the header so it makes sense. Apparently the path from my brain to my fingers as I type is encountering traffic snarl-ups--road construction, no doubt.)

I'll be in the Twin Cities soon, and that means the Mall of America, my home away from home!

For those of you who aren't familiar with my beloved MOA, I thought I'd highlight some of the best features you'll find there, at least in my mind.

NORDSTROMS: If you like shoes, Nordstorms is THE place. That may not be much of a secret, but here's something that might be: stop in at the cafe if you get a chance, and have their iced tea. It's the best iced tea I've ever had in my life, and the food is excellent, too. I never pass up a chance to glug down a glass of iced tea there. And I get one to go, too!

SEPHORA: If you're a make-up/perfume fan, Sephora is the place to be. Tip: Get a Beauty Insider Card while you're there. Then, when you're back home, in Sephora withdrawal, you can go to their website and order--and if you're an Insider with enough points, you'll get extra free stuff!

YANKEE CANDLE: Sniff until your sniffer can't sniff any more! Wow, this place smells great.

DEPT. 56: What a fun store! From expensive to very affordable, there's something for you.

THE AFTERNOON: Sigh. I love this store.

BASIN: I'm weak when it comes to Basin stuff. It smells heavenly. Tip: Purchase a small bag of cut up soap. It's perfect for putting beside the sink in the bathroom because you'll use it before it dries out, and the scent isn't overpowering.

For food:
*CINNABON: Forget the diet, for at least a while. A Cinnabon cinnamon roll is extraordinary.
*LINDT CHOCOLATE: Every time I've been in there, they've had deals if you buy a lot. Haha. Like there's a chance I won't?
*RYBICKI CHEESE: I went in for the first time on my last trip and lost my heart to this place. This store has the most interesting flavored cheeses! We bought a couple of the more intriguing flavors and were going to try them when we got home, but we forgot to put them in the fridge right away, and there was a dog, and well....
*HARRY & DAVID: Oh, Harry and David, whoever you are, I love you.
*CARIBOU and STARBUCKS: I don't know about you, but I do need coffee. I also like GLORIA JEANS.
*GODIVA: The name says it all.
*TEAVANA: If you're a tea person, stop here. Sample. Buy!

This is just a beginning list. I also like Williams Sonoma. Itz-a-Puzzle. Coldwater Creek. Body Shop. It's a big big mall with something for everyone.

See you at BARNES & NOBLE, Saturday afternoon! Fantastic store, fantastic event!!!
(Did you recognize the quote in my title of this post? Of course you did!)


Kacie said...

Forget the diet with a cinnabon? Couldn't do it. Ugh. 730 calories and 24 grams of fat--nothing tastes good enough to equal two hours of running on a treadmill. Nothing. ;)

I love Yankee Candle and Basin, though...hmmmmm...

Have fun, sweetie! :)

Debby Mayne said...

I'm such a foodie, it looks like I'll be in trouble at the MOA. And shoes? I've never met a shoe I didn't like. I've never heard of Dept. 56 or The Afternoon. What do they have that's so wonderful?

Janet Spaeth said...

Kacie, having a cinnabon is such a rare treat, though! YUM. I usually am too full from eating at the Nordstrom cafe, though, to indulge. And I'm good at the cafe--they have yummy salads, so you'd approve! LOL!

Debby, The Afternoon has interesting decor things--I don't really know how to describe it. The store has a website:
Dept. 56 makes decorations, from ornaments to detailed buildings that go together to make themed villages. Again, a website:

Like you'll care, though! One look at Nordstorm's HUGE shoe department, and I think I know where to find you....!

Lisa said...


I have to say that I am a MOA virgin. I haven't been yet but do plan to go in November though I'll be doing more of the kiddie things (aquarium and amusement park). So I think the shoe shopping will be off limits for me...but you make it so appealing. You should send this entry to MOA. You would be a great marketer for them:)

Hope you had a great time and found the shoes/cinnabon of your dreams:0

Janet Spaeth said...

Lisa, honey, MOA is wonderful. Good luck at Nordstrom's--I've never actually been able to shop in the shoe section--not alone, anyway, which is truly the way to shop for shoes.

And the iced tea--gotta go upstairs for that. The stuff at the door is okay, but the cafe's tea is outstanding.

And about The Afternoon.... Oh, let's do this. I'll go with you. LOL!

And Kacie, I didn't eat at Cinnabon at all. I kept picturing my hips getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. That was enough motivation to keep on walking!