Thursday, October 15, 2009

Of Hamsters and Hoovers and Nanowrimo

You know those hamster wheels, the ones that the little critters get in and run like crazy and go nowhere?

Cue the metaphor music. Doesn't that kind of seem like LIFE?

But sometimes it's not quite right. Sometimes it *does* go places, and things get accomplished.

My book is done, and the deep copyedits are done. The writers conference I was the head chick for is done, and it went quite well, I think. I'm look ing forward to doing it next year, too.

Things are quite productive at work and I am never bored.

My house looks like monkeys have been living in it, though, and I have to fix that soon. Shouldn't be a problem. I am ROLLING in free time, right?

Here's the deal: Everybody gets exactly the same amount of time in each day. But something happens to mine. Somehow it gets vacuumed up by the big cosmic Hoover and my seconds, minutes, and hours end up in a canister with goldfish crackers, cat hair, and odd dusty things that nobody knows what they are.

(Aside: I really don't understand why, when the massive Hoover is collecting up all my precious time, it can't take a quick tour down the hall and around the couch. Those two places could really use a quick run-over.)

So, finally my life inhales and exhales and all is good. Everything I've been putting off, I can get it done NOW! Soon! YES! Oh, it will be beautiful!

Until my friend Kacie says, ever so sweetly, "Janet, let's do Nanowrimo," and I'm gone.

For those who don't know what Nanowrimo is, let me explain. For one month, you write like crazycakes and get a book done. Now, that's not at all undoable and I know this from--ahem--personal experience. That was a long time ago and I'm a wiser writer now.


Anyway, the goal is to do a book in a month and the deal is that EVERYBODY in the world is doing it. And when I say EVERYBODY I am not exaggerating, not even a tiny bit. EVERYBODY.

Or maybe everybody who's ever thought:
1. This book is dog drivel. I can do better.
2. I have the BEST IDEA EVER for a book!
3. I need to be rich. I will write a novel.

I'm adding one more:
4. Kacie told me to.

I just have to come up with a plot. No problem. I have, like, two weeks!


Kacie said...

Because *I* told you to? Geez. Even my kids and dogs don't listen that well. ;)

I'm really looking forward to it, though, and I'm VERY glad you decided to join me. It'll be FUN! :D

Janet Spaeth said...

Kacie, I *always* do what you tell me. ALWAYS!

Nanowrimo will be great! All I have to do is figure out what I'm going to write. Details, details.

Kacie said...

I know--I'm in the same boat. I need to sit down with my idea folder and make a decision, but I keep procrastinating and get caught up in work and household projects instead.

Hmmm...I guess it's not really a stretch to see why I signed up for Nanowrimo in the first place, is it? ;)

Janet Spaeth said...

Already I see the problem looming ahead of me: if I don't know what book I'm writing, how can I get it done in a month?

Obviously what I need is A Plan. Ha. What I need is An Idea.

Or, more truthfully, I need to pick an idea out of my brain which is full of ideas.

Sooo, which idea do I like the best? Which is plottable? Oh, please, Great Internet, tell me!

Addicted Book Lover said...

Feel the Force, Janet. Go with what your little voice is telling you to write. And hurry up about it. I want to read it.

Janet Spaeth said...

The problem, Addicted BL (g), is that I have a whole lot of voices in my head.

Maybe therapy is in order????

Or writing another book. Free therapy! And they pay ME! How cool is THAT?