Sunday, February 21, 2010

The thrilling days of yesteryear???

A long time ago I had boyfriends. That was, of course, before I became Mrs. Spaeth, which ended all that kind of stuff. (There are a lot of benefits to marriage. Not having to deal with any more boyfriends is right at the top of that list.)

The other evening some friends and I were indulging in reminiscing about old boyfriends. Interestingly, we'd all given the heave-ho to guys who'd gone on to great wealth (and, in one case, fame). What this says about us, I don't know, but it's interesting. Well, it was to me.


We had a great time, drinking wine and talking about The Boys We Left Behind. Oh dear ex-boyfriends, wouldn't you like to hear that we miss you? That we made a horrendous error in judgment when we said it was over? That our lives have been sad, sodden messes without you?

Ain't gonna happen.

No, we all said, "Whew! Dodged *that* bullet!"

And then we went on to talk about something that was much more compelling. Thanks to the internet and idle curiosity (rarely a good combination but it has its moments), we'd located the Ex-Bs. So we wondered: Should we contact them? Why? What would we say? A HUGE part of us wanted to say something very mature and adult, you know, along the lines of, "Neener, neener, neener! Look at me now!"

I don't know. I have no interest in beginning a new--what would it be? friendship?--with my ex-fiance. He's got a family. So do I. And luckily they're not the same. (Did I just say that?) (Was it too mean?) (Nah.) He's 180 degrees from me politically and religously, things I take very seriously.

Plus he wasn't the rich guy. (Okay, that was snarky.)

So the question du jour for you, precious reader, is this: Have you ever looked up an old boyfriend online? Did you contact him? And how did it all end?

Inquiring (and snoopy) minds want to know.


Addicted Book Lover said...

I have not done that but have been on the receiving end of the other way around. Someone I used to date contacted me after many years to find out if I still cared about him. And with all the emails back and forth, him explaining all the memories, he then kind of fell off the face of the earth. Like he got it out of his system, found out I really wasn't pining for him, and decided to drop it. Kind of like being dumped all over again. Even though I dumped him the first time, way back in high school.

Kacie said...

L-t-G would have my hide! ;) I did have a situation where my mom ran into an ex-boyfriend of mine recently, though, and (like any excellent mother) she proceeded to tell him how happy and successful I was...and tell me how he'd gone bald, developed a middle-age spread, and been divorced (twice!).

I love my mom! :D

Definitely in the "Wow--I dodged a bullet" category. Considering that L-t-G and I have been together since we were 18, though, there aren't really a whole lot of ex-boyfriends out there...

Pattie said...

He found us through the Air Force portal. He called before we moved up here (and he knew both of us from college). He is divorced and not remarried but has a child with the woman with whom he lives.

Whew, dodged that bullet.

Rose said...

I've never had the desire to see/find/know what my ex-boyfriend is up to. So, with that said, I don't know if I dodged a bullet or not! Ha,ha,ha....


Janet Spaeth said...

Thanks, everyone, for your comments. I didn't contact any of my ex-boyfriends--and they didn't contact me, either so I guess all's well that ends well. The Bard was right about that.

I don't want to leave with the notion that I don't care for the men I used to love. I do care. Each one in his own way contributed something to make me understand the world a bit better, and, each one of them left with a piece of my heart.

See? I start with Shakespeare and end with Janis Joplin. Life is good.

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