Saturday, March 8, 2008

The problem for which there is no solution

Let me begin by saying that yes, there is a solution, but no, I will not do it.

I've found out what the problem is with me and weekends. The Hallmark Channel does mystery shows on the weekend. If there's a "Murder She Wrote" marathon, I'm done for. I love love love that show. I also like "Mystery Woman." But I'll watch Perry Mason or Matlock or Murder 101. Even if I've seen them before, I'm hooked.

Today was a "Jane Doe" marathon. I hadn't watched it before but I was sucked right in and didn't leave my chair except during commercials.

This does not make my weekends especially productive. So I'm blaming Hallmark for my weekend inertia.

Of course I could turn off the television.


I don't think so. See, tomorrow there's quite a lovely assortment on, including two "Murder She Wrote" shows, and a Murder 101, and a Perry Mason, a Matlock, and a Diagnosis Murder.

It's hopeless!


Lisa said...

I too am a sucker for mysteries and the sofa...

CSI, Law and Order, Angela and Andy, I love em all!

I'm also a sucker for reality tv with some basis in the creative, like Top Chef and Project Runway...I love these marathons too. And honestly, how pathetic is it to watch a marathon of a "game show" where you already knows who wins???

I love my tv.

Janet Spaeth said...

I don't dare watch Top Chef or Project Runway, not even one single episode, on a marathon because I can just forget getting anything done.

I knew there was a deep deep reason I like you.

We have the same trash tv tastes.

Lisa said...

I like to think of it as a vacation for my brain...there is no trash tv...only trash-y tv...and that's fun too.

Kacie said...

Oh, no. If Top Chef or Project Runway--or, sadly enough, America's Next Top Model--I'm hopeless for the day. This is only true, though, for those days when my dear husband is elsewhere. He has no patience for ANY of these shows... :(

And yes, I'm on spring break. But I haven't been around because BOTH of our computers went down yesterday. No e-mail...and off from work: if we'd been smart, we would've just taken a nap, huh? :)

Lisa said...

Okay, so the cat is out of the bag. We, English people are nuts about television...and not always PBS or CSPAN!!! Newsflash!

K, I like ANTM too. Not only do I watch for the "art" of the photographs, I admit that I like seeing how the beautiful people live:)

Did you guys watch Top Chef last night??? I should've been grading but I got sucked in. Some interesting characters and weird food.

Danica/Dream said...

Those are great shows... I try not to get sucked in, but you're right, some nights, it's impossible!