Thursday, March 6, 2008

Yummy book

I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love now and I have to say I absolutely love this book. When I began it, I tore through the first third of it in one night. I've purposely cut back to read just a little bit each night before bed and I'm reading it more slowly to absorb it. It's beautifully written and even though the author and I have absolutely nothing in common on the surface, I'm finding pieces of myself in her experiences.


Most intriguing to me at the moment is her struggle to focus while she meditates or prays. Bingo. My mind is always going full bore even when I want it to SHUT UP! The only time I can even begin to block out--well, I don't know what exactly to call it? Mental chatter?--is when I'm writing.


You can break it into small chunks, like I do--and it fits into my chaotic life to read it at night in bed. The author, Elizabeth Gilbert, has a wonderful sense of humor so it's fun reading as well as meaningful reading.


I'm not kidding. I feel myself growing as I read it. I'm so much better, or at least I feel better, than when I started it.


(Did I recommend you read this book???)


Kacie said...

Hey, you! Yes, I'm taking another (very brief) break; you can only grade so much before you begin to feel like you're working on a factory line. And whatever happened to using stickers, anyway? You know, a sad face, an "okay" face, and a smiley face? That would make my life so much easier... ;)

I'm really glad to hear that you're enjoying your book. I know EXACTLY what you mean about "mental chatter"--this is a real issue for me, and it keeps me awake at night. One Psychology Today article I read recently said that if you're a person who frets and worries instead of falling asleep (Me; Me, again), a good practice is to think about three good things that happened that day, focusing on what you did well and how you contributed to a positive resolution. This is amazingly helpful--when I remember to do it. :)

Okay, back to grading...again. :(

(See what I mean about the "faces"?)

Kacie said...

Janet, Lisa wants to read your blog, but she won't unless you invite her...

Janet Spaeth said...

Invitation on its way....

Lisa said...

Invitation accepted.

I'm not worthy. Have I told you how brilliant I think you are???

And focus...what's that? How can we keep anything quiet when our lives are so full? Perhaps you need a dull roar (as my mother would say). I'll have to check out this book that teaches how to find the inner that even possible?