Monday, May 12, 2008


Kacie, observant fashion-chick that she is, noted how much I like flipflops. I was forced to go out and buy new ones this year for three reasons:

1. I couldn't find my old ones. Well, I found one of each pair. But not only do they not match, they're both for the same foot.

2. Some ghostly presence has stolen my socks, so when I'm wearing black slacks, I can't really wear my regular shoes without looking totally geekish--a nice band of winter-pale ankle over a black shoe looks horrid.

3. I went shopping with my daughter.

This third reason is perfectly clear to anyone who has a teenaged daughter. If I shop by myself, I can talk myself out of anything (except malted milk balls). With the Shopping Princess, things are a bit different.

Now I have two pairs of black flipflops (one with wild flowers over the toes, one sedately plain), one white pair with blue starfish, one beige pair, and one brown pair.

YES! I bought FIVE pairs of flipflops! At one time!

I should feel bad. Very bad. Instead I feel good. Very good.

I love flipflops!


Lisa said...

Isn't it funny how a great day with our kids (and of course, a great pair of shoes) can help to brighten a day.

You have given me hope for the future. Right now, shopping with Maisey is more an exercise in endurance and strong will...

"Mommy, but I love Dora!"

"I know you do honey. But that Dora is $300 and we need to eat too."

"No we don't"

"yes we do"
"No we don't"
"yes we do"
"No we don't"
"Be quiet."

"I'm hungry"
"Well we shouldn't have bought that Dora doll. Here's a saltine."

I can't wait until Maisey wants me to have a great pair of shoes. Quite frankly, Dora just doesn't do it for me. She might count in Spanish but until they invent a doll that can do that and wash dishes, I'm afraid that a 3 year old's idea of fun and mine are just miles apart.

Happy Graduation Meg.

Kacie said...

Janet: you being you, you can never have too many pairs of flip-flops. Are you sure that one pair will be enough? What if you're wearing something with a white/blue floral print--is the "starfish" theme going to clash? I just don't know. You might need a pair of plain whites, too...and hello!?! What about navy??? ;)

Lisa: It took me awhile to "get" the whole flip-flop thing. When I thought "flip-flops," I imagined, you know, Walmart, and $5.99/pair. But Janet is a flip-flop connoisseur. The last time I went flip-flop shopping with her, she bought a pair of Manolo Blahnik flip-flops. She found them on clearance in Dallas, but I've seen ads that price MB flip-flops at $850. Seriously. You might be better off sticking with the Dora doll... ;)

I'll see both of you on Thursday! [exit happy Kacie, doing a little jig on her way out the door...]

Kacie said...

I meant to say, "will one pair of WHITE flipflops be enough..." Changes the whole thing, huh? ;)

Debby Mayne said...

Janet, now you need some shiny flip-flops. Be on the lookout for some with gold or silver trim. Mine are glittery gold, and they go with almost anything.

Janet Spaeth said...

Debby, I *love* the idea of metallic ones. Let's see:
YES! Three new pairs! And I'm also on the lookout for turquoise ones and pink ones.

It's really healthy to have goals in life, y'know.

Debby Mayne said...

You've inspired me, Janet! I'm going flip-flop shopping this afternoon.