Wednesday, May 7, 2008

That is one soxy ghost!

This is ridiculous. Now a new bag of socks that I bought for my son has vanished, too.

Maybe my house is haunted by a ghost with cold feet.

Hmmmm....Up here? Cold? Pfffft. We're above freezing, which is, in my northern estimation, tropical.

Well, soxy ghost or not, my week is going much better. I do believe the dump truck has left.

UPDATE: May 10
Apparently my soxy ghost is also a meteorologist. IT SNOWED THIS MORNING!


Lisa said...

Soxy ghost...that cracks me up. Maybe your kids are just "Gaslight"-ing you so that you go crazy and they can inherit your fortune:) Good luck with the socks and I am so glad the dark cloud has lifted. Call me sometime. I'm on campus every day for the next few weeks and would love to grab an early lunch/late coffee with ya sometime.

Kacie said...

Maybe you should give up on socks altogether and just alternate between slippers and flip-flops? That way, you don't irritate any other-worldly beings who happen to be sock collectors. ;)