Monday, December 22, 2008

What I'm giving for Christmas--ADVICE!

Yes, I'm giving advice for Christmas. Here it is, in handy-dandy list form in case you want to print it out and take it with you.

1. If you're a singer and you feel the need to record a Christmas carol, please remember this: Rarely does a well-known melody benefit from being slowed down (I just heard "Sleigh Ride" sung so slowly it was almost a lullaby--I'm sure the horses pulling that sleigh are sound asleep) or with variations on the rhythms that make the song just silly ("Jinnnnnnngle bells, jinnnnnnnnngle bells, jinnnnnnnngle allllll the way-ay-ay-ay"). If in doubt, ask me. I'll tell you.
2. If you really feel you're smarter than anybody else, keep it to yourself. I've had another encounter with Miss Snip, who's once again been dismissively rude to me. Honey, all God's children are equal! I'll just attribute it to the fact that you're half as old as I am--and half as nice. This time of year, we all ought to have on our Christmas spirit as if it were a sequin-sparkled sweater, right out there where everyone can see it. After Christmas, put the sweater away and keep the spirit out.
3. Think before you speak. Think before you email. Think before you act. Hey, in general, just think! That's actually going back on my own resolution list for the New Year.
4. Shop early. Mail early. Thus says the woman who spent over $60 to send one package out.
5. Write stuff down. This is good if you have a memory as flaky as a fresh-baked croissant (like moi) or if you're a writer (like moi). Those books don't write themselves.
6. Keep your promises. I mean, seriously. Do it. That includes anything from saying I'll be there at 5:00--and showing up at 5:00, not 5:15 (Note to self: Put on resolution list!) to signing book contracts with deadlines (Ditto on the resolution list thing).
7. Compliments should come faster than criticisms.
8. Love your family, your friends, your pets. They are your treasure, your chance at heaven on earth.
9. Laughter and a smile--every day.
10. Say your prayers.
Have a merry Christmas!


Debby Mayne said...

What a great advice list, Janet! I agree with all of it. But since we're practically identical twins...well, what do you expect?

CatMom said...

Hey Janet! I LOVE your advice list! Too bad the entire world cannot read your list (seriously). ~ Thanks for visiting my Catmom's Corner blog, and I hope you have a very Happy New Year!!
Hugs from Georgia,
Patti Jo Moore