Saturday, January 3, 2009

Caffeinated Janet

I knew it. I knew I shouldn't have. It was after 3 pm--as a matter of fact, it was 7 pm. But the coffee smelled SO good and the company was SO good and the gossip was SO good, I couldn't help myself: Yes, I'd love a cup!

So far I've done this:
1. Wandered hither and yon on the internet.
2. Put new flannel sheets on the bed--wrestled a pillow into a pillowcase clearly meant for, oh, a pair of socks or something.
3. Looked at some stuff that needs to be sorted through, but sorting through is so, you know, inert.
4. Thought about exercising, but the flannel sheets thing was worth a good two hours of cardio. I mean, honestly, what is with new flannel sheets and those teeny tiny pillowcases? Can they make it any more difficult to put clean sheets on a bed?
5. Looked at the dishes. Ick.
6. Folded up old blankets to take to Hugo's for the Humane Society drop.
7. Cracked myself up because I originally typed Human Society drop. If only....
8. Wondered where my knitting project is. Wondered what my knitting project is.
9. Eyed my book. Could I sit long enough to read?
10. Thought about MY book. It's due in 20-something days. Too caffeinated to think about it.

I give up! I need help. What do YOU do when you're caffeinated?


Danica/Dream said...

Um, I do about the same thing.

Barbara said...

No caffeine after 5pm for me for that exact reason! I usually read, organize or clean, it really depends on how physically tired I am.

Janet Spaeth said...

Here's what I ended up doing. At midnight, "Real Estate Pros" came on TLC. I love that show, and even though I've seen every episode, I'll watch it again and again. Richard and Ginger are the best.

So while I watched it, I sorted through a basket of clothes and bagged most up for Goodwill. And read four magazines. (Ah, the power of caffeine!)

Then I went to bed, tried to read, abandoned that idea when I couldn't remember who was who in the story, and turned off the light and wrote the next chapter of my book in my brain. What that means is I start the movie rolling of what needs to happen next.

That's usually enough to send me to The Land of the Sound Asleep. Hmmm. That doesn't say much about my stories, does it?

But like you, Barbara, I cannot drink coffee at night. I knew I was in trouble, I *knew* it, just as soon as the words "I'd love a cup" were out of my mouth.

Danica, I found myself smiling again and again about your daughter's story. You do know I'm a librarian, don't you?

Janet Spaeth said...
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Jean Kincaid said...

Yep, reacts same way on me.

Barbara said...

At least your evening was somewhat productive in the end. I have a small stack of magazines that I need to get through. I love magazines but spend too much time reading blogs instead. Whenever I'm asked if I want coffee the first words out of my mouth usually are "Is it decaf?"

Kacie said...

Caffiene after 4pm, and I'm wide awake until 4am, usually lying next to my gorgeous husband, writing a book in my head while I wait to fall asleep! :)