Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cute, cute, cute

A couple of days ago I couldn't find anything on late-night tv to watch (imagine that!) and ended up watching listening to one of those entertainment shows where they revisit celebrity news. The only reason I kept the show on was the lure of "cute things falling asleep." Every commercial break was preceded and ended by the promise that they were going to talk about this wonderful website.

Finally they did, but I had to watch listen to a lot of booooooooring stuff first. However, it was so worth it.

I admit it. I'm a sucker for babies or kittens or puppies anyway. And here's a site where you can watch short videos of children and animals conking out.

Sleepy Baby 10 is by far my favorite.

It's a great site for when you want a quick chuckle.


Barbara said...

Oh for cute! Love the sleepy puppies...

Kacie said...

Yep! The sleepy puppies are my faves, too. They just look so...snuggly. I'm off to snuggle with mine! 3-P

Janet Spaeth said...

Barbara and Kacie, there is something just beyond cute about sleepy puppies, isn't there? I knew you'd like the videos!