Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spring cleaning bits and pieces

Yes, I'm spring cleaning and yes, it's May, but here spring seems to be a flighty little thing. The tulips are up but the flowering crab, usually in full bloom by Mother's Day, is still leafing.

Actually I'm doing more avoiding cleaning than I am cleaning. Life has so many more interesting things in it than I'm finding under my child's bed. (Really. I am serious. Although I am finding some very strange stuff.) And it would have helped if I hadn't had those extra two cups of coffee this morning. I'm bouncing around like a highly caffeinated Tigger.

I have a confession to make. New flipflops. Pink. HEY! I had no choice! They're Borns and they were $15. You would have, too. You know you would have.

Good news yesterday: my very first novella is being repackaged! YEA!

Time to continue the excavation under the bed, and then onto the Basket of the Unknowns next to my chair.


Monday, May 12, 2008


Kacie, observant fashion-chick that she is, noted how much I like flipflops. I was forced to go out and buy new ones this year for three reasons:

1. I couldn't find my old ones. Well, I found one of each pair. But not only do they not match, they're both for the same foot.

2. Some ghostly presence has stolen my socks, so when I'm wearing black slacks, I can't really wear my regular shoes without looking totally geekish--a nice band of winter-pale ankle over a black shoe looks horrid.

3. I went shopping with my daughter.

This third reason is perfectly clear to anyone who has a teenaged daughter. If I shop by myself, I can talk myself out of anything (except malted milk balls). With the Shopping Princess, things are a bit different.

Now I have two pairs of black flipflops (one with wild flowers over the toes, one sedately plain), one white pair with blue starfish, one beige pair, and one brown pair.

YES! I bought FIVE pairs of flipflops! At one time!

I should feel bad. Very bad. Instead I feel good. Very good.

I love flipflops!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

That is one soxy ghost!

This is ridiculous. Now a new bag of socks that I bought for my son has vanished, too.

Maybe my house is haunted by a ghost with cold feet.

Hmmmm....Up here? Cold? Pfffft. We're above freezing, which is, in my northern estimation, tropical.

Well, soxy ghost or not, my week is going much better. I do believe the dump truck has left.

UPDATE: May 10
Apparently my soxy ghost is also a meteorologist. IT SNOWED THIS MORNING!