Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy new year--really!

I think it might be spring. Finally. At last. And may I say, It's about time. Winter has pretty much worn out its welcome.

So now I have Spring Fever. Time to clean. Time to dump stuff. Time to move forward.

And that's what it's all really about, isn't it? Moving forward. I always think of spring as the first season of the year, which is silly since the year is already three months old--three months of hardcore winter--and the fourth is undecided. Well. So be it.

I feel energized--well, that's a bit strong. I'm not energized. I'm ready. That's the word. Ready. Ready for change. Ready to shed old skin and try on something new.

If I were going to make resolutions, I'd do it now rather than on a nightmarishly cold night in the midst of winter. I'd do it while the world is tilting into something new.

I have some writing goals for this next year, and we'll see how that all goes. I also have some house goals (does it EVER end?)

What about you?

Happy new year! Spring is here!


Barbara said...

I kind of agree though... Spring is what I think of as the first season as well.. even though winter officially starts at the very end of December, up here it seems like it's often starting 2 months prior to that, so I guess I completely and totally understand what you mean

Janet Spaeth said...

Oh, Barbara, do you realize how scary those words are? "I completely and totally understand what you mean." Uh-oh. LOL!

Debby Mayne said...

Janet, I really think you should move to Florida. Not only will you not have to deal with miserable weather, you and I can hang out. We have some great coffee shops, malls, and beaches! We can even do all three in one day if you want! You can wear your cool flip flops all year round! Everyday will be spring--until summer, when it gets really hot and muggy. But that beats snow and ice, doesn't it?

Janet Spaeth said...

Debby, one word:


Oh wait. Two words:

*packing now*

It's cold again!!! Do you know how tempting your offer is?