Sunday, May 3, 2009

Concert YUM!

Elton John and Billy Joel. Together. How much better can it get? The concert was absolutely wonderful. The music was incredible!

I have what I call my "die-happy" moments, those when I can click off another thing that I've always wanted to do. Last night was one. Singing "Piano Man" with both Billy Joel and Elton John and a couple thousand other people was one of those moments. They stopped and let us sing it back to them. Wow. Just wow.

Now I have Jackson Browne in my sights for the next guy to see. I do like Jackson Browne!

But I do have a question for those people who do group seating: Why, oh why, must you link together folding chairs (no arm rests--one just hooks to the next one) and expect us to sit there for 3 hours? Bear in mind, I'm no physics chick but I do know how big a folding chair seat is and how big a human bottom is. They're meant to be approximately the same size.

And in most humans, the shoulders are about the same width, perhaps a bit bigger. See the problem developing?

Plus, my friends, those things hanging off our shoulders? ARMS? They add about six inches to the top area. So you've got people who are sitting, literally cheek-to-cheek, and what on earth are they supposed to do with their shoulders and arms?

We're given 14 inches of concert real-estate and a whole row of sixteen people have to somehow each accomodate the extra six inches of arm per person? That's 96 extra inches that have to somehow find a place to stay for three hours. Squish City!

This also happened at a writers conference I went to. The chairs were hooked together like that. I'm sensing a trend that must be stopped. (Along with wild dancing--an issue not at writers conferences but yowza, last night! To the chick in front of us: You fell several times. You sat on people. You hit people with your waving arms. No more beer for you, please. You way exceeded your given 14 inches. That's why those around you left.)

However, I am delighted that I got to see these two legends. I just won't go to the same venue again, unless I can be sure I have literally better seating.


Debby Mayne said...

I would LOVE to go to the Billy Joel/Elton John concert! Glad you had fun. Too bad you had to get squished. At least you made it sound funny.

I saw Jackson Browne in concert when they opened for Phoebe Snow back in 1975. They were amazing!

Kacie said...

I love concerts in theory, but as I've gotten older--and far less tolerant of chicks who've had way too much to drink--I find I stick to the open-air concert-in-the-park type venues. Give me a blankent on the grass any day. :)

L. would have LOVED that concert, though--he's a big Billy Joel fan...

Carm said...

Sounds like a great time!