Monday, September 7, 2009

Hello, September! What do YOU have in store?

My last post concluded with my list of things I wanted to do. Did I get them all accomplished?

Well, um, gee, let's see...NO!

I did get the book done (although that slid into September, thanks to a bout with some tummy bug). My toes are tipped with a lovely shade of purple. Ice cream and I-love-you's to my kids? Done.

Saturday Market--done (although I realized calling it Saturday Market is a remnant of my Oregon days; here it's called the Farmers Market, although it's more than that). Felt the sun on my shoulders, for a minute or two.

Not long enough for a sunburn. No movies although I'm holding out hope that my schedule will exhale long enough for me to get to one.

I didn't get the house cleaned. No garage sale. No knitting. No tv. No strawberries. No French class. No book in the backyard while guzzling iced tea.

Let's see if I can get any of this done in September! You just never know.


Carm said...

I hope you can! I feel the same way. I have books begging to be read and stuff demanding I correct it before school -- guess which wins? :) Maybe we should see a movie. Have you seen Julie and Julia yet? That one is supposed to be a good one.

Kacie said...

Let's see: grading papers, solving technical problems, helping lost students find their way through the labyrinth of online English courses...

Walk the dog. Make butternut squash ravioli and pumpkin soup...from scratch. Buy some crafty stuff to celebrate fall (my fave time of year) and Halloween (my fave holiday). Rake the leaves being rapidly shed by the 67 trees in my back yard. Find lots of little surprises under said leaves (did I mention I have a dog???)

Ask one of my best buddies if there are any open/free sessions at the Children's Lit conference (which she's organizing) to which I can send my 9 Children's Lit students for enrichment. ;)

Have a happy fall, Janet!