Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And that's why they call it a cold...

For the past five days, I've battled a cold and it seems to be settling in my chest. It's not too long as I don't try to do something silly like BREATHE.

And to add insult to injury, it's reeeeally cold outside. Going into sub-zero temperatures with a chest cold is horrible. So I'm coughing, hacking, and wheezing my way through this week and trying to stay tucked inside as much as possible.

I'm trying to put the last elements of sparkle on a couple of proposals. The problem is that it's hard to sparkle when you're, well, coughing, hacking, and wheezing. That's when a cell phone comes in handy.

I called my friend M.E. in St. Paul. She is the world's BEST plotting partner. We've done this for years, and she's terrific. All I have to do is hear her voice, and I know it's going to work. She can identify a plot oopsie and lead me to a solution. And she helps me find the sparkle.

My local writing pal, Kacie, has gone to snowier pastures in Alaska. She always provided a different angle in helping me develop the plot. She helps me dig into the characters so deeply I should start charging them for psychiatric services. She'll be back in May for a visit--I can't wait!

It takes two to tango--but how many to plot one of Janet's books? Hmmmmm. If my head weren't so clogged with cold goo, I might be able to answer!

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Kacie said...

Hey, sweetie! Sorry to hear that you're feeling icky...I've been sick myself, so I can emphathize. I'm in the final throes--you know, when coughing fits strike you at the worst possible moments (like while you're teaching, for example), but which are becoming fewer and further between. ;)

Plug in a blanket, pour yourself a cup of hot tea, and snuggle up to your laptop. This, too, shall pass...

Love you! Feel better soon!