Saturday, February 23, 2008

Decisions, decisions....

Where to start the story? What's my character like? Matter of fact, what's her name? What's her problem, anyway? And his? Who is he? He's got to have a name, too--EEEEK!

Too many decisions. This is how messy starting a story can be. Matter of fact, it's kind of like:


When my daughter was a young chickadee, she came in to the kitchen. I had a bowl of raw ground beef littered with pieces of shredded bread and chopped onion, and I was cracking an egg over it all. I threw in some Worchestershire sauce and a slug of catsup. Then I dug my hands in, grimaced at how cold (and smelly) it was, and starting mixing it all with my hands.

She peeped over the edge of the bowl and asked, "What's that?"

"Meatloaf," I answered.

"MEATLOAF??? EUUUUUWWWW! That's how you make meatloaf?" She had her I'm gonna urp face on, and she fled the kitchen quickly.

Since that wonderful learning experience, she's never eaten meatloaf.

Starting a story is like making meatloaf. It's really messy at the beginning, doesn't smell so great, and there's no way on this green earth that its beginnings in any way resemble the final product.

But it gets there.

Right now I'm working out all the details of who and where and what in my story. I like to know my story's path before I get started, mainly because I am interrupted so often. I'm still deciding what goes into that bowl. And at some point I'll have to dip my hands into that mixture and begin the process of making a meatloaf book.

Let's hope it's yummier than a meatloaf! (I'm vegetarianish.)


Kacie said...

Well, I can agree that I hope your story turns out better than meatloaf (ugh!--I'm with Meg on that one!) :)

So what do you start with? An plot idea? A scene? A vision of a character? Do you have a general way that each story is born in your mind, or is each story different?


Janet Spaeth said...

Eh. It's like a brownie, maybe. I'm way into food analogies here. Guess it's almost time for dinner!

But to continue. You know how sometimes your body says, "Hey, darling girl, wouldn't a BROWNIE just hit the spot?"

It's the same way the writing starts. "Hey, darling girl, what about..." and off I go.

Danica/Dream said...

I love meatloaf. But you're right. It's gross and messy to make it.

Kacie said...

Hey! I LOVE brownies! ;)

Lynda Schab said...

LOL...great analogy.

In one of my wip's, I'm past the meatloaf stage but in another that's exactly where I am. Personally, I LOVE getting my hands dirty and molding that meatloaf. (Okay, so it's a little gross when it gets under your fingernails.)

Hmmmm. All this talk about food is making me hungry. :-)