Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dream a little dream of me....

I had the weirdest experience last night. I dreamed my book.

Now I know this has happened to other writers, but you see, I'm different. I'm sane (see the post below about the roller coaster). (Just teasing, writer friends of mine!) I have perfectly normal dreams in which normal things happen to normal people. They don't always make sense, but that's, well, normal.

I had a friend in grad school who told me about a dream he had about neon fish walking....I'm sure there was more to the dream but I was stopped at "neon fish walking." I never dream like that.

And I certainly never dream about something I'm writing. (Or meaning to write...) And I hadn't taken cold medicine or melatonin or anything. Nope, this came out of my own normal head.

So what does it mean? I think I know--> I need to write this book!

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Kacie said...

I've done this before, but then, I'm NOT sane (see my response to the post re: roller coasters)! ;)

I think your mind is telling you that this book really needs to be written, and that you need to (somehow) find the time to give this story its voice. Clearly, it's ready to be heard...er, uh, read.

What's really cool about this, though, is that it allows your subconscious to work on plot and characterization while you're sleeping, and how productive is that???

Go write that story...