Sunday, October 12, 2008

Streets paved with gold

In typical Northern fashion, we've plunged headfirst into fall and don't we look nice. Today I was driving down a small residential street, and the trees arched overhead to form a canopy--a canopy of gold leaves that cascaded down on my car. The streets and lawns were covered with this gold, and as I looked at our Creator's majesty, I couldn't help but think: Wow, this looks just like the Windows wallpaper!

Yes, folks, this is why I'm a writer. Honestly. Sometimes I embarrass myself.

Anyway, it was raining and, for once, I was glad of it. People weren't out with their noisy lawn machines (blowers, mowers, and mulchers--it's amazing how much gas we'll use to control nature), sucking up every bit of this beautiful scene. Just for a while, it was nice to see the streets paved with gold--on earth, thankyouverymuch. And the only sound? The sound of wet leaves hitting the car. Lovely.

My son and I had a Book Binge this weekend. We love Book Binge weekends. We go to the bookstore and buy and buy and buy, and he stays up all night reading. I try but I poop out way too early.

And today being Sunday, you know what I did (besides laundry!)--Mystery Weekend on the Hallmark Channel, where I watched a Perry Mason movie that didn't have Raymond Burr in it--in fact, even Perry Mason wasn't in it. Apparently it was made after Burr died. Well, my darlings, I do believe that if you're going to call it a Perry Mason movie, then he ought to make an appearance in it.

Have a good week, all!


Debby Mayne said...

Sounds like you're having a beautiful autumn, Janet! That's one thing I miss living in Florida.

Book Binge weekend, huh? I want to come live with you. That sounds heavenly!

Perry Mason without Raymond Burr? How can that be?

AlaskaMountainGirl said...

How 'bout streets paved with white? We had a beautiful (but brief) fall that has already given way to winter. The good news? I'm already in the holiday mood--and it's still October! :)

And I love the idea behind the "Book Binge" weekend. Nick's so restful to hang out with, isn't he?

Lots of love to you guys...

AlaskaMountainGirl said...

P.S. "alaskamountaingirl" is my new Google ID. Deep down, though, I'm still just Kacie. ;)

Janet Spaeth said...

Right now, Debby, the lawn is covered with drying leaves (turning from gold to amber to brown), and I need to rake them up before it snows (they're not safe on the streets under snow). So that's the downside.

Kacie, it's already snowy in Alaska? Wow. Just wow. Wow.

Book Binge is wonderful. I love Book Binge weekends, but I need to be able to stay up as long as my son does. He's a super-fast reader, too. Me, I poke along, poke along, poke along. Takes me forever!

I had to work today so I missed the Perry Mason movie==and Raymond Burr was probably in it, too! NO FAIR! I don't get to watch it again til mid-November. Sheesh. I'll be in Perry Mason withdrawal!

Revision time is upon me. That'll be my next post. Be scared. Be very scared....!

AlaskaMountainGirl said...

Already snowy...yes. For about two weeks now. Crazy, eh? ;)

At least it doesn't seem so weird, though, when I see the holiday decorations for sale in the department stores before Halloween, and I've been reading holiday-themed romances to provide ambience. I mentioned to hubby that I'd like to start looking for a tree for this year, and he looked at me as if I'd lost my mind. "K., it's October.

I'm thinking that I might put a Santa hat on my jack-o-lantern, though! ;)