Sunday, October 26, 2008

To-do list

This is one of those weeks when I have a gazillion things to do, and for some reason, there are no extra hours in the day, and no extra days in the week! How fair is that? Pfffft.

I love lists. Allow me to make one. This is: TO DO THIS WEEK.

1. Finish going through the stuff that's been tucked aside for lo these many years. Take to Goodwill or the library or the garbage can as needed. I actually do enjoy doing this--but I'm always interrupted just as I get some momentum going. We have a joke in my family, that every time I go into the basement the phone (which is upstairs) will ring--and I never get there in time.

2. Once I have all these lovely open spaces, they'll probably need to be cleaned. I like that part.

3. Laundry Mountain needs to become Laundry Hill, or preferably Laundry Plains.

4. I really need new shoes. It snowed last night and my sandals aren't...well, they just aren't. Oh, my toes hate being encased in shoes. I need to get some comfy and snappy-looking shoes.

5. I HAVE TO REVISE MY BOOK! I really love revisions, I do, I do, I do. I'm looking forward to a revisionfest. I'm not the kind who can spread it out over a couple of weeks. I have to sit down and do it.

6. Oh yeah, there's my job. Lots and lots and lots to do there, too.

7. Tell my kids again and again how much I love them.

Okay, time to get going! How's YOUR week shaping up?


AlaskaMountainGirl said...

My "To-Do List" this week isn't too long, and I feel like I'm doing pretty well staying balanced:

(1) Make cookies, coffee, and hot chocolate for LJ's troops (they're on 12 hour shifts this week in the cold). (And yes, I mean cold: 10 degrees, anyone?)

(2) Take Zorro to the vet for more tests. We're really sad because it looks like he has end-stage renal disease, but I'm trying to stay optimistic until we know for certain.

(3) Mail the box of clothes and toys I bought for my granddaughter.

(4) Get my hair done.

(5) Papers, papers, papers. (Read, grade, and comment)

(6) Walk my dog. Run my dog. Play frisbee with my dog. Try, very, very, very hard, to wear my dog out. :)

(7) Invite a new friend out to dinner--it'll be her first night out since having twins.

Debby Mayne said...

I know what you're saying about the shoes. Have you tried the Cole Haans with Nike Air technology? They'll make your feet so happy!

As for the lists, I write them weekly and daily. It feels wonderful to cross everything off as it gets done - even if it's everyday stuff.